Visit to Kosovo and Metohija

In November 2018, our Church board secretary, Nikola Amanovic, travelled to the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. He delivered aid in the form of $5,100, which was raised by the Circle of the Serbian Sisters “Majka Jugovica” and our parishioners. The aid was directed towards the Orahovac High School, the only Serbian high school remained in this area of the province. This school educates high-school children from Orahovac and Velika Hoca, in which as in ghetto still live around 800 Serbs. The funds were accepted at the modest school by the principal Ms Dobrila Vitosevic and teacher and journalist Mrs Olivera Radic. A tour of the Serbian neighbourhood of Orahovac followed, allowing first hand insight into suffering and uncertainty that community faces daily. During the tour, Nikola and his friends visited the historic Orahovac Church, received a warm welcome from the local children and witnessed the vandalism bestowed upon Serbian homes and property. The visit ended with the now world-famous hospitality at the Radic family home where the hosts served a great selection of local cuisine and their homemade wine.

The donation was used towards the renewal of the school furniture and teaching materials.