On Sunday 27 January our Church celebrated its patron saint, the First Archbishop of Serbia – Saint Sava. Despite the heat wave over two hundred people gathered. The Divine Liturgy was officiated by protopresbyters Frs Vladislav Djordjevic and Sasha Cholich. The hosts of this year’s Slava were Bratislav and Snezana Spaseski along with their family and our Circle of Serbian Sisters. The host for next year will be ms Maria Djuric Manasa. As usual, in honour of this day, we asked for donations which will go towards soup kitchens in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. Thanks to all who gave, we will be able to contribute $3,500 this year to assist this much needed program. Saint Sava Church is grateful to the Spaseski family for their selfless love and dedication in organising our Slava. By the prayers of Saint Sava, may God grant them and all our parishioners many years!