Saint Sava’s Feast Day 2020

On Monday 27 January our parish celebrated the day of Saint Sava, our patron saint and the first Archbishop of the Autocephalous Serbian Orthodox Church. The Devine Liturgy was officiated by protopresbyters Frs. Sasha Cholich and Vladislav Djordjevic, with guests Fr David Lloyd of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and Fr Nemanja Mrdjenovic of St. Nicholas Church in Blacktown, who joined the Slava celebration.

This year we were also honoured to host local council member Cr Nella Hall from the Strathfield Council.

The hosts of this years celebration were Maria & Simon Djuric Manassa along with their family and our Circle of Serbian Sisters. The hosts for next year will be Lepa & Vlajko Demirovic.

Traditionally, Slava was the occasion for collecting donations which will go towards supporting Serbian children who live in the Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija. Many thanks to all who participated, our church will be able to contribute $5000 this year towards this goal.

This years Slava celebration was also an occasion to express our gratitude to some of the people who contributed to the renovation work being done in our Church. A special thank you to our parishioner Milovan Papic and his company who a reinforced concrete base to support the new Altar and Iconosatis. both made of white marble from Serbia. Also, a big thank you to Nikola Milenkovic for transporting these weighty and fragile pieces to the Church from the port of Sydney and Veljko Antonic for painting the interior white spaces and freshening our Church. The Church renovations will continue to be a work in progress both in writing the icons for the iconostasis, installing marble slabs on the alter floor, as well as providing the Royal and deacon doors for the iconostasis. We welcome any new donations towards this project and we thank all of the many people who quietly and generously have given already to this aim.

We pray to our patron Saint Sava that this year our parish will be blessed with love and harmony and that our Church will always be full of his beloved children.

Photos by Radivoj Mackovic